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2 års dagen for min søns øjensygdom - Miss Blindspot
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Two years ago

I was here in this park in Berlin two years ago, when I got a phone call that changed Silas’ and my life. Two years ago when he started in primary school, he got a health check. This is obligatory for all children, and they found out that he had troubles seeing. It made me worried. So I immediately made an appointment with an ophthalmologist.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. Because we were always told that even though both I and his father have a visual impairment, it isn’t the same one. So a kid of ours would not get this. Genetically speaking. “Luckily” the ophthalmologist couldn’t see anything on the day. But we still got an extra examination at the hospital. They told us that he has the same eye disease as I do. This is possible, because Silas’ father was misdiagnosed, which means he has the same visual disease as I do.

On that day, I was here, in this park, in Berlin, getting my heart completely broken. A lot of doors were closed on this day for him. My son will never be able to get a driver’s license, or bike around the city. There is a sea of educations that he now can’t choose from. Fortunately, they are now trying to produce a pill that will help slowing down the degrading feeling of loosing your vision. I’m crossing all my fingers and toes, hoping that this will soon be reality so that it can help my son keep as much sight as possible. Thankfully we have each other. I can understand and support him in a way no one else can. ❤️ I hope you would like to follow us and our journey here on Instagram.

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