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Training tip - Side plank - Miss Blindspot
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side plank

I am not a fitness instructor, I am just a nearly blind mom and I prefer to exercise at home. Every time I leave my apartment I use a lot of energy to find my way from A to B, (because of my disability,) that is why I do my workout at home. This time I share my tips on “the side plank”.

I love to do my exercises – and actually it’s my medicine or else I will get depressed. I have struggled with depressions all my life, but workout keep me more or less in a good mood plus it’s healthy and I keep my body strong💪

I hope I can inspire you with some of my exercises, but be aware that I am not a professional. So always remember to listen to your body. What is good for you and what isn’t good for you. Actually I meet a lot of people who gets surprised when they see me – the nearly blind woman. they are like, “Oh, but you are pretty” or ”your apartment is nicely decorated”. People have a lot of prejudices to visually impaired people – that’s why I started Miss Blindspot. So I can show how it can be to live like nearly blind. And since my son have the same eye disease, it’s very important for me to spread the word about visually impaired people.

Please follow me, so the Miss Blindspot universe will grow and more people can get informed and even inspired🙏❤️

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