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Satisfied after being done running - Miss Blindspot
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Done running

Now I’m done running here in Jutland. And I have to thank my very good friend, for guiding me. Telling me to keep left, or to be careful with the slippery floor because of the fallen leaves. She has been amazing, and I’ve been able to just focus on running. It has been so very nice! Many of you must be thinking that it has been very sweet of my friend to maybe go a bit slower so this almost blind woman right here, also can keep up with her. But the truth is that it was actually me who was the fast one and who had to wait for her by doing some exercises meanwhile she was catching up. I get uncertain of where to go when I no longer can hear her so I had to wait before proceeding. So I stand there doing some different exercises to keep my body going. However we are now done running and IT HAS been VERY SWEET of her that she took the time to help me out! And it has been absolutely amazing! So I thank my friend A LOT!

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